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I owe the bank $71 because they decided to eat money I’d expressly put in there to pay a bill under the guise of a service fee (which I hadn’t been charged up until that point and I’d had the account for months), thus bouncing the check and incurring two returned check fees (one from the bank and one from the people being paid). All over a bill of $8.75. Eight fucking seventy-five.

My webhosting runs out in six days and I have zero dollars I feel willing to put into my bank account at this point (and very nearly zero dollars in general, thanks other upcoming bills); however, I CAN pay from Paypal directly (in spite of the account restriction), so…

I’ve got SEVEN SKETCH SLOTS OPEN. $25 each. By “sketch” I mean something like this:

Flat-color, minimal background, one character things. The full-size file would be larger than this Tumblr-formatted image, of course! I need a reference pic of your character (or fan character or dog or whatever) and a quick description of what you want drawn.

SEND WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF ME TO: (this is also my Paypal address, for those interested).


Signal boostin’!

Also this person also makes awesome music so throw some money in that direction if you want instead.

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    First actual intentional reblog. Hope i didnt mess anything up. Im in the same spot. But i dont do artwork so im waitin...
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    Signal boostin’! Also this person also makes awesome music so throw some money in that direction if you want instead.
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