"Hold Back The Night" draft lyrics. Working on it but I’m fucking tired. After the jump.

When I was young, couldn’t stand to believe that
Somewhere there was a sun that could shine
[Never heartbroken seal ‘till I see that]
[?? could have made it back]

There’s a fear, can’t be seen, [as we run free?]
As afraid of the dark as a [vyy?]
Was a time long ago, these were safe streets
Now [the other one they kiss you away?]

[Keep me all night?]

But I know a hero will come…

There’s a face that I’ve seen in the windows
There’s a face of a stronger man
But I turn as a leaf when the wind blows
Gone away as the will in his hands

You were [dead?] when they wanted to defeat you
You were [bled] of the will to survive
Now you’ll stand as long as they need to
Although the other one [would keep me alive??]

But I know…oh I know a hero will come
And the night? The night will be torn apart
And I know he won’t fight alone.
And the sky that would [tear you?] will turn the dark into
A flame of fire and light

[?? choir]

The city is dead.

But all of your heroes are gone
And the blood that they’ve spilled is on my hands
The darkness will block out the sun
Not a thing can be done, with so few men
That a hero could do

When the warmth from the shadows calms you
And the wind waves past your ears
When you [sing?/send?] when the wave is upon you?
Will you go to your knees in fear?

There’s a chance, [now] I go, it’s a long shot
And the city’s out of time

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