On limited universe fanfiction, and the benefits of limits


I originally posted this on Google +, but then I figured my Tumblr followers might be interested in this discussion as well, especially given that I have more fandom-oriented friends here. So, here we go. Warning: is long.

Dresden Codak has been doing a lot of reboots of various franchises lately (DC Comics, Star Wars, X-Men), and it’s gotten me thinking. These reboots have one thing in common: Aaron takes a few key elements of the franchise and regrows the entire thing from there. I think the most interesting example here is his Star Wars reboot, Star Wars 1999, where he ignores everything in Star Wars canon that came after 1997 and most of the Expanded Universe (save one or two interesting tidbits) and then works from there.

That got me thinking about a lot of my own beloved fandoms. Warning, this is going to be long…

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Please start this, it sounds awesome.